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VoxVot is a collection of randomly generated Voxvots.

Each artwork is an original  anime robot mecha from Japan created in partnership with legendary modeler Masanobu Oka. Every Voxvot is an original with it's own color palette and customized features!


Each Voxvot NFT holder gets access to exclusive events, airdrops, whitelist for new projects, early access to P2E game, much more!

♢Ethereum blockchain 

♢Images and metadata on IPFS

  • When is the Voxvots mint?
    10/17/22(EST). Check back on Discord and Twitter for the latest.
  • Can I get whitelisted?
    Yes - If you participate in the community on Discord and Twitter you have a chance to win a whitelist slot.
  • How much will Voxvots cost?
    0.08 ETH
  • Is there a limit to mint VoxVot NFTs per wallet
  • What blockchain are Voxvots minted on?
    Ethereum blockchain.
  • How many Voxvots are there?



Voxvot Team

VOXVOT are produced in Tokyo, San Francisco and New York. 

About the artist



Professional Modeler, Art Director

After working for the Ground Self-Defense Forces, Masanobu Oka made his debut as a modeler and writer under the name of Oka Pro in Japan’s Model Graphix magazine. 

After leaving the company, he moved into character and mechanic design including work on video games. 

Currently a freelance art director and designer, Oka also participates in anime production in a wide range of fields such as art director, animation director, and director.

He is now considered a celebrity in the world of “Gunpla” (Gundam plastic model kits) for his incredible work as a mecha designer and model builder.


Join the community

Get a chance to win the exclusive Voxvot NFT before anyone else.

Voxvot Discord already is here.

Join us to get the news as soon as possible and follow our latest announcements.

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